New Suicide Squad #2

New Suicide Squad #2 Comic Book Review

This second issue of the New Suicide Squad picks up where the first issue left off, namely, with our five villains in a heap of trouble.  To recap, Black Manta, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, and Joker’s Daughter have all been collected by the U.S. government and sent on a covert operation  into Russia.

New Suicide Squad #2 Cover

New Suicide Squad #2 Cover

While assaulting a Russian government building, they are ambushed by the Rocket Reds, a Russian armored defense force.  The plot and action of this comic consists primarily of the Suicide Squad running for their lives from the Rocket Reds and a more conventional Russian Special Forces unit. While bullets and energy blasts are trying to kill our villains (almost called them “our heroes”), the character development and dialogue written by Sean Ryan is actually the most interesting aspect of this comic book.

While killing people and running for their lives, the brewing conflict between Harley Quinn and Joker’s Daughter ramps up.  In several scenes, we see Joker’s Daughter imitating everything Harley says and does.  That, of course, ticks off Harley.  As with most villain-centered stories, the true appeal for the reader should be what makes the character tick.  Character development and dialogue are critical to a title like the New Suicide Squad, and this second issue is showing that Sean Ryan understands that and is able to deliver!

The art by Jeremy Roberts is good and clean.  His action sequences are again very good, and the facial expression of our characters (fear in Deadshot’s face, Harley Quinn expressing anger at Joker’s Daughter) show a depth of emotion that matches the plot and dialogue.

New Suicide Squad #2 Manta, Harley , and Joker's Daughter

New Suicide Squad #2 Manta, Harley , and Joker’s Daughter

As a second issue, this book hits the mark.  If this were only a series of battles and killings, this series would be boring.  Ryan and Roberts have found a good formula and this second book is better than issue #1 (which was also good, by the way).  We look forward to reviewing New Suicide Squad #3 when it comes out.

Recommendation:  If you want good, clean art with a lot of action and good dialogue and character development, then get this book and read it.  And seeing the building issues between Harley and JD is also worth the cost of admission!

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