Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors ‘Agent Venom’ review

We spent the first two weeks of Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors getting reintroduced to Spider-Man as well as his quite extensive supporting cast featuring the Avengers as well as his teen-S.H.I.E.L.D crew. It was an entertaining opening two-part episode that showcased the show’s interesting visual style and use of fourth-wall breaking cut-scenes and dream sequences. But how would the series be going forward?

Well, ‘Agent Venom’ is at the very least a ground-breaking episode, giving us the first ever animated appearance of Flash Thompson’s Venom-symbiote come-hero. This is something that we know this animated series is keen to do, introduce all of Spider-Man’s wider supporting cast, as well as show us some of the more popular alternate Spider-Men that are out there.

There are lots of great references throughout the series with a symbiote infected Scorpion arising from the antics of Loki and Doctor Octopus using Venom-symbiote infected Asgardian monsters in the first two episodes is a nice little nod to Mac Gargan, who becomes the third person to be Venom in the comics. Also serving as a nice little nod was Flash Thompson dressing up in a Scarlet Spider-esque costume and calling himself the Scarlet Spider.

Whilst we’ve seen a lot of superheroes that most people wouldn’t ever usually know of, such as Nova and Iron Fist ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ also brings us villains that many people wouldn’t have come across before. I understand that the Beetle has been a big part of the first two seasons but he’s a villain I’ve not seen much of so it’s always good to see a villain getting some prolonged episode exposure. The same goes for Task Master, who I believe to be a Captain America villain mainly.

I find Spider-Man’s voice to be far too squeaky and high. I get that he’s supposed to a teenager and prepubescent but does his voice really have to be that squeaky and high. Everyone elses voice is pretty good though. I particularly enjoyed Agent Venom and his characterisation, especially the differences in his voice when he takes on a slightly monstrous tone because of the symbiote. I also liked the development that Flash is the perfect host for Venom and is consequently able to control the symbiote as the two are now permanently bonded.

I also like the direction that the show is heading in, with Task Master as the apparent big-bad trying to find a super-powered prodigy to be his new apprentice and Spider-Man attempting to round up other super-powered teens like Agent Venom before Task Master can get his hands on them. It’s great that so quickly into the series the storyline has a driving force and direction.

To be honest I’d heard bad things about Disney’s Ultimate Spider-Man and whilst the show is by no means perfect it’s a pretty decent kid’s animated television series showcasing Spider-Man. What more could you really ask for?

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