Crane company suing Australian Spider-Man for climbing

Spider-Man is a bit of a trouble maker admittedly, he doesn’t do anything illegal but he definitely likes to get up to some harmless mischief. For example he pretty much loves climbing up cranes, we saw him using cranes to stop the Lizard in Amazing Spider-Man and in his spare time, when he’s holidaying in Australia, he likes to climb up them.

However this is angering Probuild Construction (Aust) Pty Ltd who consequently sought an injunction on Thursday, restraining Bryce Wilson, otherwise known as Australia’s Spider-Man,  from entering any of their construction sites in Melbourne, because he won’t stop climbing on the cranes.

It turns out that Bryce had previously been charged with a criminal offence after entering the Prima Pearl construction site at Southbank in May and scaling a 304-metre crane. Mr Wilson, according to the company, admitted in the television interview that his actions were’’risky, unlawful and intended as a thrill’’.

But I guess when you can do whatever a spider can, you’re just going to go ahead and do whatever a spider can! You can check out the full report courtesy of

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