GT: Top Ten Batman Games

Check out this interesting video from Game Trailers depicting their choices for the top ten Batman games. It’s pretty cool line up I gotta say! It make s me want to try the games on the list that I haven’t played.


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To celebrate his 75th anniversary we’ve ranked the Bat’s best, from the 8-bit to the HD generation. Riddle us this! What are Gotham’s greatest games?

So far I have only played the first two Lego Batman games and the three Arkham games, though I recently bought Arkham Origins Blackgate for the Playstation Vita. Personally I would have put the two Lego Batman games higher on the list but then again I haven’t played the other Batman games on the list. I like the first Lego Batman game, but then I am partial to the Lego games where the characters don’t speak. I really don’t have a favorite among the Arkham games, maybe Arkham Knight will be my favorite, I sure hope so!

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