Should Spider-Man Noir and Gwen Stacy’s Spider-Woman get their own series?

When Spider-Man 2099 made a dramatic reappearance in Spider-Man 2099 the character’s popularity eventually led to Miguel O’Hara getting his own series back with the character’s creator Peter David taking the helm. Superior Foes of Spider-Man is a critically acclaimed series that for reasons unknown to many simply didn’t sell that well, however the books fan base propelled it to a whopping seventeen issues.

Why am I telling you this? Well, both of these books seemed to stem from popular public reaction to their characters’ appearances in the Superior Spider-Man arc. And arguably both Spider-Man 2099 and Superior Foes of Spider-Man have been comic book successes making the risk pay off!

Which brings me to the currently running Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries. I’ve only read Edge of Spider-Verse #1 featuring Spider-Man Noir but I loved every second of it, and the reaction to Edge of Spider-Verse #2 with Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman seems to be as red-hot as my enjoyment of the miniseries’ first issue.

With that in mind is it possible that Marvel are testing the water here, seeing which new characters stick and which issues and writing teams are a success, could they be looking for the next Spider-Man 2099 or Superior Foes of Spider-Man. Essentially what I’m trying to sensibly postulate, without sounding like a giddy child full of excitement on Christmas Eve is ‘Will we see Spider-Man Noir or Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman get their own series as a result of the positive reaction to their one-shots?’

I know for a fact that I’d buy a Spider-Man Noir comic in a heartbeat if they were to make one with the same writing team and artist as Edge of Spider-Verse #1 and I imagine I’d do the same for Spider-Gwen. I’m almost certain I’m not alone out there either. So folks, I put it to you. Do you want to see the Edge of Spider-Verse miniseries leading to solo title runs for its characters? Would you read a Spider-Man Noir or Spider-Gwen title?

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