Marton Csokas’ Dr. Kafka to return for Sinister Six spin-off?

Shortly after watching Amazing Spider-Man 2 one of the prevalent suggestions was that we’d just been introduced to the future Doctor Octopus. That’s right, there was enough evidence to lend some credence to the fan-made rumour that Marton Csokas’ Dr. Kafka would be returning to the Amazing Spider-Man franchise as the iconic eight limbed villain.

Sure, it did look like Jamie Foxx’s Electro had zapped the life out of Dr. Kafka during his escape from Ravenscroft. But what if he survived, what if he needs some sort of mechanical arm based contraption to stay alive? Basically what I’m saying is that Dr. Kafka is going to be the Amazing Spider-Man universe’s Doctor Octopus. Just look at those glasses, and remember that heavy Bavarian accent?

Well what does Marton Csokas have to say? In an interview with he was asked if he’d be returning for future Spider-Man films with the Sinister Six being specifically mentioned. Here’s Csokas’ reply!

“Well, it’s news to me, but I’m all for that. I had a great experience on the set with Marc Webb. I had a great time, but we shot about 80% more. I haven’t seen it, because I understand that there are only about two scenes (left) and I had such a lovely time making it, and I don’t want to go in and go, “Oh, yeah, but what about all that beautiful stuff we did?”

Marton is of course referring to the fact that he hasn’t watched Amazing Spider-Man 2, and probably never will because he doesn’t want the interfering studio cuts that Andrew Garfield alluded to ruining the fun he had shooting several deleted scenes for his eccentric and off-the-wall character. He would then go on to say,
“It wasn’t a huge role in the first instance, but there was a beginning, middle and an end and we improvised a lot, walking down corridors and such, and it was so much fun. There was some black comedy and I was allowed to do (what I wanted). I was thinking somebody was going to tap me on the shoulder and go, “You need to reign it in,” but on the contrary, he said, “Yeah! Keep going, keep going!” So I had nothing but a good time and that rumor? I hope that’s true.”

Now ordinarily this kind of non-committal response wouldn’t get my excited but paired with that rumour that Csokas’ character is blatantly Doctor Octopus and you have yourself a fairly convincing partial rumour. It would make perfect sense as well because there would be ready made conflict and drama between him and Electro. I’m all for it!

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