Spider-Verse kills off Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Warning – Graphic depiction of slaughtered childhood memories below

When I recapped and reviewed the filler issue of Amazing X-Men, Amazing X-Men ##7,  a while back that saw Spider-Man go on an adventure with Iceman and Firestar to return an alien baby to its rightful owners I was blissfully unaware that this filler issue has extra connotations because it was an on-page reunion for three characters that used to appear together in an animated television show entitled ‘Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends’.

I was such an inexperienced Spider-Fan back then. But for those of you that are like I was back then let me explain Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. It was an animated television show that ran in the 80s featuring the trio of Spider-Man, Firestar and Iceman fighting villains together as the ‘Spider-Friends’. It ran for three seasons and has quite the nostalgic feel for Spider-Fans that are old enough to be around then (hence, why I didn’t know about it.)

But why am I telling you all of this? Well, Dan Slott really wasn’t kidding when he said teased ‘Every Spider-Man ever’ would be in the Spider-Verse because the Spider-Man from the animated television series ‘Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends’ makes an appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #7, with his Amazing Friends! However the moment couldn’t be further away from the nice nostalgic pop people would expect and here’s why.

That’s right folks, they’re dead. As if that wasn’t enough of a gut-punch Slott has even included Firestar’s dog there to further prolong and maximise the agony of hundreds of people’s childhoods simultaneously snapping under the incredible strain this one comic book panel will put on them. For once I’m glad that I didn’t know and love something about Spider-Man.

I’m now also dreading the Spider-Verse.

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