Fanart: The Art Of Rick Celis

Here at Caped Crusades we love to showcase great Batman fanart, and with that in mind we bring you several images by the very talented Rick Celis.

Rick Celis is a self taught artist from Brazil, who does a lot of great work using both known & original characters. Check out several of his pieces below:

Check out this one of some of Gotham’s female villains as the Powerpuff Girls:

There’s also this very clever take on the Beatles’ Abby Road album with the Joker

Here’s Batman taking on the Icebucket Challenge with the help of Mr. Freeze:

And finally a clever take on that controversial Batgirl cover featuring Batman & Talia Al Ghul:

Really, Rick Celis has so many good pieces, you have to go check them out for yourselves. Which you can certainly do on his Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Deviant Art page. Also be sure to follow him on twitter to keep up with updates on his latest works. Got some Batman fan art for us to showcase? Let us know and you could be featured on Caped Crusades!

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