Top 10 Underrated American Patriotic Super Heroes

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1. The Spirit of ’76

Now here is a a hero that would unquestionably be Founding Father-approved! Philadelphia native William Naslund learned his fighting skills by copying Captain America, and if only 200 other people had done the same thing, the Allies might have won World War II in the Marvel Universe a lot sooner.

Anyway, Naslund jumped at the chance to become a hero when a stranger recruited him for a team of like-minded individuals. This being comics, he ended up with one of the most awesome-in-a-goofy-way outfits of all time. I don’t suppose that hat ever got awkward during intense hand-to-hand combat or anything. But hey, dress the part, right? At least his bulletproof cape had some actual value in helping to fight bad guys.

Though his initial chance at stardom ended up being exposed as German trickery, Naslund would actually get to become Captain America for a while through the mighty power of retcons. Unlike William Burnside and John Walker, he actually acquits himself well in the role. Sadly, this being comics and all, he meets his end when he is summoned through time to assist other men who have become Captain America to fight an evil android on an alternate world. Read that sentence again and please tell me why comics aren’t awesome.

In any case, Naslund wins the top spot on this list just for having the sheer chutzpah to go by the Spirit of ’76 name and dress in that costume. He’s also more appropriate than anyone else to salute on July 4th, for obvious reasons. Here’s to you sir!

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