4 Reasons Why Hollywood Fails The Anime/Manga Genre

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As you can see, these films have truly suffered. I wonder if too many film failures can render an entire genre useless. Fans are in fear of their favorite anime series and characters getting bastardized by Hollywood. But maybe there is a better way.

1. STOP WHITE-WASHING! That one is self-explanatory.

2. If directors stuck with source material, that would be great. I am not saying stick to it 100 percent, because I understand some changes are unavoidable, but a 360-degree overhaul isn’t necessary either.

3. Get the authors and illustrators of the original manga or anime involved in some capacity, even as consultants. This could help lend a hand as far as authenticity. Knowing the author had something to do with the making of a film will possibly assure fans they will see what they expect to see.

4. Make marketing a team effort. Reach out to fans! Yes, anime watchers are a small population of movie goers, but could make a difference in terms of money-making potential. In addition, if the fans watch and enjoy the adaptation, word of mouth can accelerate ticket sales. This tactic has worked for so many films. I am sure it could work for these adaptations as well.

Film studios assume that these types of films need to appeal to a wider audience. This creates the need for completely changing the source material. This method does not seem like its working out well. What they have done is isolate a core fan base while simultaneously leaving the general audience bored and uninterested. That is where failure comes in. Hollywood should know better and do better.

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