10 Strongest Characters In The Marvel Universe

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1. Hulk

In this case. Hulk really is strongest of them all. In fact, Hulk has always been the strongest of them all, and going through his publication history, the things he has accomplished are without compare. In a strictly hypothetical sense, there is no upper limit to the Hulk’s strength, since it is linked directly to his level of rage. The more angry he gets, the stronger he gets. Both The Leader and Doc Samson attempted to measure the upper limits of his strength and were unable to find it.

There are two events that really stand out in the publication history that illustrate just how strong the Hulk is. The first was when the Hulk went into outer space and with a single punch, destroyed an asteroid hurtling towards Earth that was twice the size as our planet. The second was in the Secret Wars limited series. A mountain weighing 150 billion tons was dropped on the heroes and the Hulk caught it and held it up until the heroes found a way out.

There’s a reason the Hulk refers to himself as the strongest there is, and we’re certainly not going to argue with him.

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