Top 5 Moments In Fantastic Four History

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1. Fantastic Four #1

This is the one that truly started it all. Fantastic Four #1 not only launched this historic series but signaled the true birth of Marvel comics. Over the next three years, groups like the Avengers and X-Men followed, and Marvel began its climb to the top of the comic book world. The introduction of a group of heroes was unique on its own, but the Fantastic Four opened the doors to the entire universe for stories.

Isuue one is all about the origin of the group and how they became heroes. This story differs from what will be portrayed in the film, but the end goal is the same. The dynamic of the Fantastic Four is unique among super hero groups because the characters already had a deep connection prior to getting their powers, and that shows through via the relationships in these stories.I wouldn’t go out and purchase a copy of Fantastic Four #1 because it would drain your wallet, but if you can read it online, I highly recommend it.

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