Some Final Thoughts On The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two

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6. Daredevil

I have to say that although Daredevil did not make my top 3, it was still absolutely awesome and different for Marvel. What I enjoyed so much about Daredevil is that the fans finally got to see a live-action, street-level hero for 13, 40+ minute episodes in their homes, with the rights owned by Marvel. This was hard to believe until you saw it, and the fact that it connected to everything going on in the MCU made it even better.

Marvel made a wise choice doing this as a series, as Daredevil has a big selection of villains and storylines and the possibilities for tie-ins with the Avengers and other characters are endless. Charlie Cox proved to us that he was fit for this role and made it his own. This whole first season gave us more into the origin of the Man Without Fear and made it an enjoyable retelling of how he used his weakness and turned it into a power. I especially enjoyed the fact that I remember in the comics that Daredevil was always getting bruised up as he fought , and the series had plenty of brutal battles and that classic crime noir feel  that we all know.

There wasn’t much I didn’t care for, though like any series on TV or Netflix, there was an episode or two here and there where it was just dragging out for a bit. In this case, the show did that once or twice, but it was very brief. I also didn’t like the fact they killed Ben Urich so early in the series. All told, though, this was a perfect origin, and I’m eagerly waiting for Season 2 to get here.

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