A Labor Day Tribute: 10 Cool Jobs Held By Super Heroes

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Forensic Scientist

Job held by: Barry Allen (The Flash)

The Silver Age Iris West may not have thought much of Barry’s day job, but maybe that’s because it was decades before C.S.I. blew up on TV. Whether we’re talking about the original comic book version or his TV counterpart played by Grant Gustin, Barry Allen would have fit in perfectly right alongside Gil Grissom, Nick Stokes and company.

Like other people on our list, the beauty of Barry’s chosen profession is that it helps do good even when he’s not sporting the lightning bolt. A little lacking in glamour, to be sure, but important to ensure the wheels of justice keep spinning in the right direction.

It’s worth noting that Allen’s origin as the Flash is directly tied to his day job in a more direct manner than nearly any other super hero. If he hadn’t been in his lab next to a rack containing “every chemical known to science,” he might have just been fried by that lightning bolt instead of becoming the Fastest Man Alive.

Take that, Iris!

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