Constantine On Arrow: Round Table For “Haunted”

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Oliver’s Side-Torso Tattoo

Steve Lam: So it seems that magic and the supernatural have been with us since the start of Arrow.  During the final flashback scene, John transfers his tattoo onto Oliver’s side-torso.  A tattoo we’ve seen since the pilot episode!  And now we know where he got it.  I’m wondering what it does.  If I remember correctly, John didn’t have that particular tattoo on his right arm during the run of Constantine.  So he may have given the tattoo to Oliver before the events of Constantine or attained it afterwards and then gave it to Oliver.

Nick Tylwalk: This was maybe the one part of the episode that didn’t work for me. On one hand, it nicely cements the bond stuck between the two men and confirms that there’s been a mystical side to the Arrow-verse the whole time. On the other, Arrow started out as a fairly realistic show in Season 1 and has been slowly adding elements of the fantastic and now the mystical as it goes along. Doing something like this upsets that evolution just a bit, though it’s perfectly in character for Oliver to keep the existence of such things from his friends, given what else he hasn’t told them over the years.

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