12 Best Superhero Movie Trailers Of All Time

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10. Batman Begins

In the words of the late, great Rod Serling, imagine if you will, a world where Batman has become box office poison (thanks, Batman & Robin!). Despite the Dark Knight remaining the world’s most popular superhero, his big screen prospects were looking pretty bleak in the post-Joel Schumacher landscape.

And then this gem arrived. Even if you weren’t sure what Batman Begins was all about — and it was pretty under the radar for a Warner Bros./DC production — or preferred a straight up adaptation of “Batman: Year One,” you had to be impressed with the way this trailer conveyed that this was going to be Bruce Wayne’s alter ego stripped down and taken back to the basics.

After all, we’d seen the event that led to the origin of Batman any number of times in print and on the screen. Yet the process needed to turn a high society heir into the world’s greatest detective and a ridiculous fighting machine had remained largely unexplored.

You get a sense of that journey here, followed by awe-inspiring shots of Bruce working on his costume and arsenal and then putting them to use. What’s more iconic in Batman lore than seeing him crashing through a skylight or descending from a ceiling, cape unfurled?

This isn’t even the best Batman movie trailer of all time, but it’s still awfully damn good.

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