The Flash: Robbie Amell Teases Ronnie Raymond Return On Instagram


Ronnie Raymond gave his life to save Central City prior to Season 2 of The Flash. After he agreed to help stop the time/space anomaly as half of Firestorm, he sacrificed himself in the process. He’s gone, Jefferson Jackson is now Martin Stein’s other half as Firestorm, and that’s that.

Or maybe not. Yes, Jackson (played by Franz Drameh) is the Firestorm of record for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which makes its debut in January. But as we noted at the time, we never saw Ronnie’s body, so the door was definitely open for him to return — especially in a show with as many ways to cheat the Reaper as The Flash.

Now it appears Amell is walking back through that door. Yesterday, the actor posted this to his Instagram account, with a caption that simply read, “Hello old friend”:

The actor followed that up with another post today, standing next to Victor Garber, who plays Stein, and a caption that said, “Dinner with the ex.” Add it all up and it points to a definite return for Raymond, though when and how are both questions we’ll have some time to ponder.

Almost certainly, it wouldn’t be until well into the back half of Season 2, at which point Legends of Tomorrow might have introduced its own developments with Firestorm. Or Amell could be slated to join that show if something happens to Jackson — or to Stein, for that matter, as Raymond has had other partners within the Firestorm matrix in the comics.

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Regardless, Ronnie’s return will be welcome news for fans of the character, as well as Caitlin Snow, who only had a chance to experience the married life for a tragically brief time. I don’t expect the showrunners of The Flash to offer any exact details on when and where we’ll see him again, but we’ll be sure to update if they do.