52 Fun Facts About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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Wonder Woman’s Sword and Shield

The addition of a sword and shield is relatively new to Wonder Woman’s mystical arsenal.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice honors the character’s first live-action feature film incarnation by incorporating various characterizations of the Goddess of Truth throughout her rich history in various media.

Did You Know?

  • In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman, due to his vulnerability to magic, can be injured by Wonder Woman’s sword.
  • In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman’s sword and shield are inscribed with ancient Greek.  The sword is also emblazoned with a symbol that represents the Amazons of Themyscira.
  • The first time Wonder Woman carried a sword in the comics was in the miniseries Kingdom Come, where the character was portrayed as older.
  • In DC’s The New 52, Wonder Woman was seen regularly carrying a sword.

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