52 Fun Facts About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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The Death of a Robin

When your readers hate something, they will be very vocal about it.  And DC Comics was definitely listening back in the 1980s.  People who loved Jason Todd shouldn’t blame the writers or the publisher.  The fate of Jason was left to the fans, and the fans eventually spoke … um … or rather telephoned.

Did You Know?

  • The second Robin, Jason Todd, died in Batman #428 (December 1988) at the hands of the Joker.  This event changed Batman and made his rivalry with the Joker personal.  It also caused Batman to avoid taking on any more sidekicks, at least for a while.
  • The storyline “A Death in the Family” was monumental due to how DC discarded a character readers grew to dislike.  Editor Dennis O’Neill wanted to find a way to remove the character of Jason Todd and interact with fans at the same time.  He decided to set up two 1-900 numbers which gave readers a chance to vote for or against Jason Todd’s death.  When the final tally came in, over 10,000 votes were cast.  The race was a close one: 5,343 votes were for Jason to die, while 5,271 were for him to live.
  • In the comics, Bruce set up a memorial for Jason Todd in the Batcave.  The memorial was Jason’s Robin costume housed in a glass case with an epitaph that read, “A Good Soldier.”  This is similar to the Robin costume housed in a glass display case seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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