Prepare For Civil War: 25 Greatest Captain America Moments In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

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#17 – A Sacrifice for the World

From: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

At the climax of the fight between Captain America and the Red Skull, the evil Hydra leader picks up the Tesseract cube which has fallen to the floor. Holding it in triumph, the Red Skull sees the cosmos start to appear above him. He eventually starts to disintegrate and disappear from existence. Although we now know that he was most likely transported to another dimension.

Getting rid of the Red Skull only solved one immediate problem. The other problem was that the aircraft contained weapons of mass destruction which would cause a high death toll if they were to detonate in New York. Captain America saw no other option but to pilot the plane and crash it into the Arctic where no lives would be lost. He radios to Peggy to tell her a heartfelt goodbye.

Placing a picture of her on the control plane, he asks for a raincheck for their dance. Peggy, in tears, schedules it to be a week from their present time. Prolonging the goodbye, Steve tells her that he still doesn’t know how to dance. She promises to show him how. Before he could finish his last words, the radio goes dead. Peggy is left calling his name, with only the sound of static on the other end.

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