Funko DC Legion Of Collectors – January 2017 “DC Legacy” Unboxing

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The Legion of Collectors’ “DC Legacy” box really brought me back to my childhood. These classic incarnations of the superheroes I love really showed off the brightness of the 1970s and 1980s. I could hear the Super Friends theme as I was opening the box and inspecting each item. Oh wait, maybe that was because I was actually playing it on YouTube in the background, of which I also advise you to do also—it’ll really up the experience:

From the Swamp Thing pin to the Plastic Man Pop! figure, Funko has created another worthwhile collectors box. If you were too young for the 1970s and 1980s, this will serve as a great launching point to get you started. If you were a kid in that time period, this box is going to act like a nice time capsule for you. Not convinced yet? Due to the items being exclusive and unique to this offering, we’re going to do a theoretical breakdown in price using comparable items found on Amazon and Ebay:

  • Swamp Thing Pin: $4.00–$5.00
  • Green Arrow Patch: $4.00–$7.00
  • Adventure Comics #452: Starring Aquaman Variant Edition Comic Book: $2.99
  • “Ace” T-Shirt: $10.00–$20.00
  • Batman & Robin Salt and Pepper Shakers: $7.00–$14.00
  • Plastic Man Exclusive Pop!: $23.00

Using the lower-end of the pricing, all items add up to be $50.99. The Plastic Man Pop! figure is already a collector’s item! The price for the figure was determined using the online Pop Price Guide.

Another awesome Legion of Collectors box from Funko. I’m definitely looking forward to the “Superman” box coming out in March 2017. Until then, to the old folks, enjoy reminiscing. To the young folks, enjoy exploring.

A special thanks to Funko Marketing Manager Yoko McCann for helping us with this review.

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Disclosure: Bam Smack Pow was provided with a free January 2017 DC Legion of Collectors box for the purposes of this review.