Logan: The Five Best Comic Book Stories Starring Wolverine

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Weapon X

Marvel Comics Presents Vol. 1 #72-84 (1991)
By Barry Windsor-Smith

Normally, when you do any best of list and the name Barry Windsor-Smith comes up, nothing more needs to be said. By 1991 the man was already a comics legend and even if Weapon X was awful that wouldn’t change.

Lucky for all of us, Weapon X is not only brilliant, but has become an essential piece of Wolverine’s history.

See, before Weapon X, Marvel had considered anything even remotely relating to Logan’s origins strictly off-limits. By the time 1991 rolled around, the character was starting to peak in his popularity and the whole shroud of mystery around how he became Wolverine was starting to wear thin.

Enter Windsor-Smith and Weapon X. Telling the story of how exactly Logan got his adamantium skeleton from the point of view of the scientists and military that did it to him was pure brilliance. Both artistically and story wise Weapon X is an emotional and brutal tale told my a master of the genre.

No Wolverine collection is complete without it.

Weapon X is also ranked #43 in our 100 Greatest Superhero Stories Ever list.