Every Spider-Man animated series ranked

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Image Courtesy of Disney-ABC Domestic Television and Marvel Animation for Spider-Man (1994)

2. Spider-Man (1994-1998)

The ’90s were a decade filled with animated hits, and Fox Kids’ take on ol’ web-head definitely stands among them. Although it had many writers from Fox’s acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, the producers opted for a slightly lighter tone. However, it did take a cue from that series and X-Men in that it used serialized storytelling, which was a first for any Spider-Man cartoon at the time.

With complex, sometimes season-long arcs, a variety of storylines were featured during the show’s run. Additionally, the serialized format helped to create true stakes and meaningful character development. Like BTAS and X-Men, it also doesn’t shy away from serious and emotional moments. J. Jonah Jameson explaining that his disdain for masked men stems from his late wife’s murder still gets me.

Spider-Man not only made for some good Saturday morning entertainment, but it also set the tone for future shows based on the character. And judging by the quality of its successors, we should all be grateful.