Riverdale: Agent Adams character gets unexpected twist

Wednesday’s February finale of Riverdale revealed the true identity of FBI Agent Adams, who never appeared to be what he was.

To start the second half of season 2, Riverdale introduced Arthur Adams, an FBI Agent that always mysteriously appeared in Archie Andrews’ garage. He wanted Archie to pry information about Hiram Lodge’s criminal wrongdoings for weeks, including the death of Papa Poutine.

We saw Adams’ badge but his identity was otherwise mysterious. He never appeared with other FBI Agents, never could do this work himself and was increasingly aggressive throughout “Chapter 26: The Tell-Tale Heart.” It turned out there was a reason for this.

During “Chapter 26,” Archie told Hiram about Adams and how he wanted a bug planted in Hiram’s office. All the eldest Lodge said he would do was, “make a few phone calls.” This made Archie suspicious, and even more so, when he was brought to a “scenic” location at night. It was to meet with Hermione, who revealed Adams was not an FBI Agent and someone close to the Lodge’s; they used Adams to make sure Archie would not snitch and “test” him. This led to Hermione’s official “welcoming” of KJ Apa’s character into their family.

So, yes, if you ever had doubts about Adams, they were right. He was always involved with the Lodge’s and not actually an FBI Agent (that’s a crime in itself). With Riverdale not set to return until Mar. 7, it will be a while before we see the real side of Adams (if that’s his real name), along with Archie as an official member of the Lodge “family.”

What twists and turns will happen next? We will not find out for one month before Riverdale returns in March. Were you surprised about Adams’ real identity? What’s the potential fallout this reveal can provide?