When will Deadpool 2 tickets go on sale?

Deadpool 2 tickets will go on sale Thursday, April 19 for this X-Men spinoff movie.

Deadpool 2 tickets go on sale Thursday; is your body ready?

Ahead of its May 18 release, the eagerly awaited sequel announced ticket pre-sales during The Walking Dead’s season eight finale on Sunday. In between the post-apocalyptic antics of Rick and crew, viewers also got a trio of teaser trailers. You can check them out on Deadpool 2’s official Twitter page, where we got a separate pre-sale announcement:

“#WalkingDeadpool may be done, but you and me… We’re just getting started. Tickets for #Deadpool2 are on sale Thursday,” Deadpool told us shortly after flirting with Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead for some reason.

It’ll be interesting in the month ahead to see if Deadpool 2 tickets can match its predecessor’s impressive pre-sales. Don’t expect any records, though, considering Avengers: Infinity War isn’t done setting the high-water mark there.

Nobody needs Deadpool 2 tickets to compete with AIW, though. Based on an interview Ryan Reynolds gave Variety last year, the movie should still be fairly close to the modest budget of its predecessor. That puts its threshold for success far lower than AIW’s, whose budget is likely astronomical.

It could make vastly less than AIW but still be wildly profitable. That’s not to mention it could kick off a new franchise. The movie will introduce a new “super duper f—ing group,” as Deadpool described X-Force in the movie’s hilarious red-band trailer last month.

But what will the movie actually be about? The trailers so far only tell us so much, though the second of the three new teasers may have finally identified a key character. For more on that, redirect your eyeballs here.

Deadpool 2 stars Reynolds as Deadpool and Josh Brolin as Cable, as you should know, and was directed by David Leitch, best known for directing awesome action flicks John Wick and Atomic Blonde.