Spider-Man: Celebrating Aunt May on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day and we thought that would be a great time to celebrate Aunt May. She’s taken care of Peter Parker over the years and certainly deserves recognition for it.

Aunt May might not have the biggest role in the Spider-Man films, but she’s always played a huge role in Peter Parker’s life in the comics. Once Peter lost his parents and Uncle Ben, it was just him and Aunt May. The two weather every storm together and she’s always so focused on how he’s doing.

In the films, Aunt May is currently played by Marisa Tomei. The character was previously played by Rosemary Harris (in the Sam Raimi trilogy) and Sally Field (in The Amazing Spider-Man films). While Aunt May appears to get younger as the movies go, she’s still a staple in the films.

We can also see Aunt May look a little younger over the years in the comics, too. When The Amazing Spider-Man #1 came out in 1963, she always looked so frail. That hasn’t been the case in recent comics where she actually gets remarried to John Jonah Jameson, Sr. That happened back in The Amazing Spider-Man #600 and the series is about to hit 800 issues.

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We often see Peter worrying about Aunt May just as much as she worries about him (if not more, at times). Her presence is always a welcome one whether it’s in the comics, the films or the various animated TV shows over the years.

Aunt May might not be Peter’s mother, but she certainly deserves plenty of recognition on Mother’s Day. Here’s to her and hoping that we continue to see her in more great stories soon!