Arrow season 6: Ranking its 10 best moments

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7. Sara Lance meets Earth-2 Laurel

Ever since Earth-2’s Laurel Lance (Black Siren) made her debut in the Arrowverse, it was only a matter of time until she crossed paths with Earth-1 Laurel’s sister, Sara. Although it inexplicably ended up taking a little longer than we imagined, the meeting finally took place in Arrow‘s Season 6 finale.

As her father Quentin was seriously wounded, Legends of Tomorrow‘s captain made her return to the show where her story began. Arriving at the hospital, Sara was greeted by Laurel in an awkward moment that revealed it was actually the former villain that reached out to her. Sara thanked her and proceeded to ask if she was like her Laurel. Siren simply responded “Hardly at all”.

It may not have been the epic showdown that many had been predicting or hoping for, but it was a rather unique moment that definitely left us wanting more. Sara showed interest in Siren’s life and the scene pretty much confirmed that this Laurel never had a sister. So despite the shortness of the scene, there is definitely room for exploration. Moreover, the pair could end up bonding over Quentin’s death and it’s pretty clear that he would have wanted Sara to be a guiding light to Siren (much like he was this season).