Arrow season 6: Ranking its 10 best moments

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2. Laurel and Dinah work together to save Quentin

One of the season’s more fun rivalries was between Dinah Drake and Black Siren. With Dinah being the current Black Canary and Siren being the Earth-2 doppelgänger of the first Black Canary Laurel Lance, this feud was inevitable. The two screamers wasted no time colliding, unleashing their Screams on each other at every chance they got. But things got personal when Black Siren was ordered to kill Dinah’s love interest, Vincent Sobel. Although this became the catalyst behind the reviled Team Arrow civil war, it didn’t take away from the pair’s amazing chemistry.

While Dinah let her hatred for Laurel rest until they stopped Diaz, it was revisited in the season finale when Team Arrow rescued her and Quentin. As Dinah stalked her way into Siren’s cell, we thought that she may finally exact revenge on her during her most vulnerable moment. But she used her weapon to unhook Laurel’s power-dampening collar. And in a bid to save Quentin’s life, the two Canaries put their differences aside to work together. Surrounded by Diaz’s men, they both unleashed their respective Canary Cries before Dinah handed Laurel a gun to even the odds.

This was a full-circle moment for the season. Not only had Dinah finally put her issues with Laurel aside for the bigger picture, Laurel herself had finally become the person that Quentin knew she could be. Furthermore, it was awe-inspiring to see these former enemies work together.