X-Men: 5 worst performances from Fox’s Marvel franchise

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3. Angel (Ben Foster and Ben Hardy)

I could easily do two different sections on both of these actors, but I’d rather not waste your time. The beginning of X-Men: The Last Stand starts off amazing. Watching a young Warren Worthington the third try and cut off his wings was a deep moment. Unfortunately, that’s where the cool moments stop.

Angel was a pretty boy or the angelic mutant in the comics. He was just there in the movies. Is this his fault? No. Foster wasn’t given enough screen time to be more than what he was. Although, even when he was on screen, his facial expressions were bland. His moment where he unfurls his wings in pride fell flat. A wasted moment.

Ben Hardy’s Angel was nothing like any Angel or Archangel we’ve seen. He was a cage fighter in a foreign country and then became a drunk after he was injured. Him becoming Archangel after that made sense. Then, he was just, well there. Archangel was supposed to the feared horseman. He’s Death for crying out loud. Not some random character used as a pawn. Hopefully Ben Hardy will get a chance to redeem the character in the future. Even though he’s not in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.