X-Men: 5 worst performances from Fox’s Marvel franchise

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2. Storm (Halle Berry)

Remember when the X-Men movie was announced and we were all jumping for joy over seeing Storm in live action? Do you remember the disappointment when Halle Berry tried to use an African accent?

Looking back at her performance, I wish that the worst part of her role was the accent. It’s never a , but there wasn’t much to be happy about with her performance. Her dramatic moments always fell flat, and for some reason, they kept giving her these aforementioned dramatic moments. Her talking to Wolverine and saying, ”At least I’ve chosen a side.” was cringe-worthy.

It’s sad is that her best performance was in X-Men: The Last Stand and that movie is looked at as one of the worst comic book movies ever. She had more than a few really cool moments. Both of Storm’s fights with Callisto were cool and fun to watch and there was a deleted scene where Storm was punching with lightning fists.

Unfortunately, when she was put in a position to have a dramatic moment (like watching her mentor Professor Xavier die), it wasn’t good at all. To this day I still think Angela Bassett (who was almost Storm) and Gina Torres would have been better choices for the mutant weather goddess.