The Incredibles almost had a different opening scene years ago

Check out what The Incredibles could have been with its alternate opening scene.

It’s almost time to see one of the most anticipated sequels ever from the minds at Disney and Pixar, The Incredibles 2. The first film, The Incredibles, was a smash hit at the time. It made over $600 million dollars at the box office and won an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, beating Shrek 2 and Shark Tale.

The film also was awarded Best Sound Editing and nominated for Original Screenplay and Audio Mixing, awards that animated movies rarely are in the conversation for. All of that is because of fantastic direction from Brad Bird. He is famous for Iron Giant, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Ratatouille and more.

Since Brad Bird also wrote this movie, he’s had the story idea for years and would write drafts of the script and re-work it over and over. Similar to what happened in The Avengers, there are always movie scenes or ideas that do not make it to the final product. The way this movie opens and the way we are introduced to these characters was completely different from what we got in the actual movie. Check out Brad Bird talking about the original opening for The Incredibles.

From the commentary before and after the scene, you can really see that director Brad Bird was very passionate about what this scene meant for the story. Focusing more on the conflict of these characters trying to keep their past a secret. Instead of showing Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl actually being superheroes in their glory days, we are instead dropped right into their adult parenting lives and are left to imagine what these characters were like as heroes. It would have been an interesting take on the superhero movie genre, before the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies even started.

Unlike Marvel movies, this story is 100 percent original and can go and start in any direction. From this scene, we first see Bob and Helen Parr at neighborhood BBQ trying to make new friends and fit in with the crowd. Violet is also there but as a young baby and no powers being developed yet. Helen ends up getting into a heated argument with another woman regarding motherhood and almost slips her cover. This leads to a funny moment of Bob accidentally breaking a knife on his indestructible fingers, having a normal pedestrian think he chopped his fingers off. It’s a cool introduction reveal and very comedic. Unfortunately, it leads to Syndrome being able to track the heroes down.

Syndrome attacks the Parr family with his new invention. As he goes to attack their new-born child, he is shocked to see nothing in the carriage, as vomit appears out of nowhere giving the heroes a chance to fight back. This would have been the first reveal of Violet’s powers. Brad Bird mentions that he loved the little moment of Syndrome realizing they had a child and walks towards it in a sinister fashion as the heroes are helpless. The big take away from this cut scene that the character of Syndrome became so popular by the team behind the movie that he ended up being the main villain in the final film.