Spider-Man merchandise round up: Venomized Funkos and more

During San Diego Comic-Con and in the days after, plenty of Spider-Man merchandise was announced. Here’s a round up of what items are on the way.

During Comic-Con, there’s never a lack of new merchandise to buy. However, some things aren’t available at the con, so fans have to wait a little longer to get them. Here’s a look at some Spider-Man merchandise that you can buy now and some that you’ll have to wait a little while for.

Hasbro announced plenty of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse products and Syfy has an exclusive look at some of them. If you’ve ever wanted three different Spider-Ham figures, you’ll be able to grab those.

Hasbro will also release a 6-inch Spider-Gwen figure, a 12-inch Miles Morales for the Titan Hero Series and many other figures. We’ll see wave one of the Spider-Man Legends Series as well, which includes figures of Red Goblin, Silver Sable, Symbiote Spider-Man, Black Cat and Kingpin.

We’ve only scratched the surface of what Hasbro is releasing, but keep an eye on Hasbro’s Spidey page for all of those items.

Funko announced new Venom Pop! figures and you can see in the tweet above which ones are exclusive to specific stores. Marvel is celebrating Venom turning 30 this year, so it’s a great time for these. You can read Funko’s blog post on them for more details.

If you want some merchandise that you can wear, though, we have you covered with that, too. Film Jackets has new Venom shirt (the design is also available as a pullover hoodie) and a shirt with Venom’s eyes and name (here’s the pullover hoodie). You have plenty of time to gear up before Venom hits theaters with these options.

We’ll keep an eye out for more merchandise that we think is worth sharing!