Batman: Matt Reeves’ film could feature Robin but which one?

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There a few Robin stories that make sense 

The latest Robin is Damian Wayne, his biological son with Talia al Ghul. There’s no bond like a father and son bond — something that DC Rebirth understands. Matt Reeves could opt to focus on Damian Wayne for a couple of reasons.

For starters, he immediately forces Bruce to become a father after being dropped on his doorstep for safety reasons. Secondly, the inclusion of Damien will open up the door for Ben Affleck to return as an older Batman. However, with rumors suggesting that Reeves Batman could be a prequel and the on again off again story with Batfleck Damien can be eliminated. 

Tim Drake is a possibility. Although not originally orphaned in the way that his predecessors were his parents died later on his origin story — after being poisoned. Tim does something not many DC Comic characters have been able to do. He uncovers the identity of Batman and Robin.

After seeing Batman become an emotional wreck post-Jason Todd’s death, he offers his services as Robin. Bruce reluctantly agreed but forces Tim to endure brutal training before he becomes Robin. He proves his worth after saving Batman from Scarecrow. Like Damien, Tim’s story focuses on an older version of Bruce.