Lucifer writers reveal tantalizing episode 401 title

The Devil is in the details, and if the title of the season 4 premiere of Lucifer is any indication, viewers are going to be in for a “hell” of a lot of fun.

Writers and showrunners have been working hard on season 4 of Lucifer since Netflix saved the show and gave it a whole new lease on life in the streaming realm. Though Lucifer won’t debut on Netflix until 2019, the writers shared a sneak peek of what’s to some on their social media accounts with a look at the title of the first episode of season 4.

Longtime Lucifer fans know that the episode titles are also lines used as dialogue within the episode. According to the tweet from Lucifer writers, episode 401 is called “Everything’s Okay,” and after seeing that everything is NOT okay because that title could have so many meanings.

Here’s the tweet, which also reveals that the episode is written by showrunner Joe Henderson:

For the purpose of this article we’re going to set aside the two bonus episodes that aired following Lucifer’s cancellation. The season 3 finale left fans with their jaws on the floor after Chloe finally learned the truth about Lucifer, a truth that he had tried to reveal on many occasions. After Lucifer was cancelled fans fretted that they wouldn’t know what happens after the shocking revelation. Thankfully Netflix came along to save the day, and now we’re here trying to decipher 401’s title.

When it comes to the title, the most obvious possibility is Lucifer trying to convince Chloe that even though she saw his Devil Face, “everything’s ok” and they can continue on as they always have. It’s not difficult to imagine Tom Ellis delivering the line with his patented grace and charm while Lauren German’s Chloe struggles to reconcile what she saw with what she knows about the man who has been her partner for several years.

Of course, the Lucifer writers are really good at throwing in twists and turns. It’s quite possible (and more than likely) that this title is a red herring, and it’s leading fans to think of the obvious meaning while it will actually mean something completely different.

What do you think of “Everything’s Okay?” What could it possibly mean? Let us know in the comments!