Deadpool 2: Are the added features worth the purchase?

How the extras in Deadpool 2 are a nice added bonus.

Deadpool 2 was the success that everyone expected to be in the theaters. With a budget of $110 million, Deadpool 2 made $318 million domestically and over $700 million world wide. Despite being a good movie it didn’t receive the same love from fans than the first movie. Not shocking since sequels rarely live up to the original. Deadpool 2 is now available for digital download and it comes with an extra fifteen minutes of bonus content added to the movie. Some of these extras could have brought more to the movie while others are just a great addition to the take-home version.

Russell Collins story

One of the things that made the first Deadpool movie so great was the story. Vanessa and Wade’s story was told well and in detail. How Wade got his powers and the reason he hates Francis made their rivalry and final battle worth watching. One thing that lacked was a good backstory on the antagonist (Russell Collins) in the movie. The added story on Russell was something the would have added to the appeal in the theaters.

I start with this because it was the most important part of the movie. Without this storyline, there is no movie. When Russell was causing a scene in the beginning of the movie, it just looked random. Even after we find out that he was being abused, we didn’t see anything except the scars. We saw Russell being tortured by religious mutant hating fanatics at the Essex House. Had the scenes with Russell being abused been added, the audience would have had more of a reason to root for Russell and feel for Deadpool when he tried to save him.

CGI fight scene

At the beginning of the movie, Deadpool is on a contract kill to take out sex traffickers. After the scene where he dressed up as a stripper, He’s in a Japanese bathhouse fighting multiple men with swords. The scene was clearly CGI and looked fake. The fight scene was extremely entertaining, but it didn’t have the same look that his other fights have.

The scene was a great extra feature. It didn’t add anything to the movie other than making Deadpool look goofier and more bad-@$$. It was a great addition for fans who paid to own the movie. It was silly and the action was fun. There’s even a different line after Wade wipes off his mask and looks at a guys naked crotch. This is exactly what you’d expect from a Deadpool fight scene.

Extra Deadpool shenanigans

Last but not least, the changed and added scenes and extra cursing. These were also not needed in the theatrical version, but they’re a fun addition to the movie. For Domino, her scene during the audition was different. The original scene went from yes and no luck isn’t a powers with puns to pulling a Bugs Bunny on Deadpool. After a back and forth about luck being a power, Domino saying it wasn’t a power made Wade say that it was.

There were also the scenes in the mansion. The one where he was wearing Cerebro was changed completely and there’s a great added scene where Deadpool is playing a nice person. It also explains the soap dispenser moment as well.

Maybe my favorite deleted scene was Deadpool trying to kill himself before he eventually went with the idea of blowing himself up. Watching him jump into the polar bear habitat in an attempt to be eaten to death and later jumping off of a building after drinking clog cleaner (all while wearing his uniform and Hawaiian shirt) was hilarious. It was exactly like something he would do in the comic book.

Overall, the Unrated and extended version of Deadpool 2 is worth the money. The extras are fun and add to the Deadpool experience. I highly recommend grabbing the extended version.