Avengers 4: Could Tony Stark and Shuri finally meet?

An eagle-eyed fan spotted Shuri’s Lab as a backdrop to a Robert Downey Jr. interview from Avengers 4, sparking rumors the two will meet.

Although both geniuses, and both fan favorites, Tony Stark and Shuri never got to meet during Avengers: Infinity War. While this left viewers disappointed, as many hoped to see what a meeting between these two characters would look like, a recent discovery has reignited hope for a pair up of this smart and sassy duo in Avengers 4.

Exhibit A: A Still from a Robert Downey Jr. Interview.

Exhibit B: Some of the few set pictures taken from Avengers 4, indicating that Downey’s hair and beard in the interview match with the era of the next Avengers film.

Exhibit C: A still of Shuri’s lab.

Taken together, this does seem to put RDJ in Shuri’s lab during the filming of Avengers 4. What’s more, though we already knew that Tony survived the snap at the end of Infinity War, Angela Bassett, who plays Queen Ramonda, recently confirmed to ScreenRant that Shuri is, in fact, still alive as well. This comes as a relief to many fans, as the loss of both Black Panther siblings would have been too much to bear. Plus, Shuri is confirmed to be the smartest person in the whole of the MCU, so really, everyone would be doomed without her.

Even more exciting to some, this indicates more than just one long-awaited meeting in Avengers 4, but a whole host of them. Tony in Shuri’s lab means Tony in Wakanda, and Tony in Wakanda means a reunion with most of the original Avengers currently waiting there.

One of the biggest teases in Infinity War was the moment where Tony almost called Cap to finally end the stony silence between them, but was cut off at the very last second. The reunion between these two Marvel favorites has been a long time coming now, and with the loss of so many other characters, could inject a sense of hope and positivity back into the story.

Wakanda, with all its riches and technology, is easily the most sensical place for our heroes to regroup and seems the ideal location for all of these meetings to occur. Fingers crossed that this detective work is what it seems.

So, could Downey Jr. have just been sat in front of a random backdrop and filmed? Yes. But with the wait for Avengers 4 stretching out ahead of fans, it’s nice to think that maybe, just maybe, a little piece of the mystery has been unraveled.