The New World #3 review: Ferocious felines and old war pals

Revolutionary visualizations in The New World #3 continue to dazzle.

Most comics look like all the other comics that ever existed. The New World is not one of those comics. Words like “stunning”, “visionary” and “instant classic” don’t do the work made by the creative team of Aleš Kot and Tradd Moore justice. Colored by Heather Moore, lettered by Clayton Cowles, and flatted by Ludwig Olimba, there literally is nothing else out there that looks like this. “This,” of course, being a comic about dystopian America and that oldest of stories – love.

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Fight the man and make a run, but never forget the cat!

It was revealed last issue that Stella has a tracker in her head, feeding her grandpa, The President, GPS data. Her new dude, Kirby, decides that it needs to go, so he gets her a drink, cuts her open and hacks the device. Discovering that the implant has been spying on her for her entire life, Stella decides to follow the data trail, which leads her to Jim, in her apartment, looking for her. Jim works for her grandpa, and is not to be trusted. Stella needs to get her cat, but Jim is holding it hostage. Logan Maximus is also there; things aren’t looking simple in The New World.

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The impressive ridiculousness of The New World continually shows itself

After turning off VAL, the A.I. that runs Stella’s apartment, Jim does a villain monologue, and then Logan Maximus confronts Kirby’s dad, Clark. The two have beef from their shared military days; a fight quickly ensues. In the first issue of The New World, it was shown that Maximus and Stella are both some type of police/bounty hunter/TV stars, capable of some extreme combat moves. She activates VAL, Clark tosses a grenade at Maximus, and Godzilla the cat continues to get a gun pointed at it. Then Clark and Maximus duel, and it, once again, is just a marvel to look at. I know I’m gushing, but it’s the truth.

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Flee to the wall, brave compatriots

The gang defeats Maximus and Jim, retrieves Godzilla the cat, and VAL the A.I. asks Stella to permanently disable it, because VAL felt bad for spying on Stella. This was a touching moment, and one which seems rarely depicted: an A.I. wanting to die, because of guilt, and the human’s reaction to that request. It’ definitely a nice moment. Stella’s grandpa, The President, finds out the gang escaped and murders one of Kirby’s three friends, to extort the other two to help track the gang down. The gang is headed to The Wall, which separates The New California from the rest of future America.

Whatever is going on in No Man’s Land and The Union Of Federations is sure to be buck wild, and now that the President is on a murderous rampage, we’ll see how long Stella and Kirby stay safe. To use a fancy word, it behooves you to check this unique, vibrant artwork out, immediately. Let us know what you think about The New World in the comments below.