Avengers Infinity War Theory: Did Shuri save Vision?

The longer we wait for the first trailer of Marvel’s Avengers 4, more theories pop up. The latest suggests that Shuri actually saved Vision right in front of our eyes during Avengers: Infinity War.

Much happened in Avengers: Infinity War and fans are still looking for clues on what the next move of the remaining heroes might be. Because Infinity War brought together most of the current roster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they were scattered all over the universe, things happened a bit too fast and there are details that can slip easily or simply be forgotten.

One of the biggest questions fans had before the release of Infinity War was how Thanos was going to take the Mind Stone from Vision, as taking it from his head would instantly kill him.

Thankfully, the MCU has more than two geniuses (Sorry, Tony and Bruce; you’re not the only ones playing here anymore) and Shuri took Vision to her lab in order to find a way to safely remove the Stone from Vision’s forehead and keep him alive. Ultimately, she couldn’t remove the Stone, and despite Scarlet Witch’s attempt to destroy it, Thanos took the Stone and Vision was long gone. But what if Shuri made a last-minute change of plans and actually saved Vision?

A new theory posted on Reddit (via Comicbook) suggests that, as soon as Shuri realized the attackers were getting close and couldn’t be stopped, she copied and uploaded Vision’s “primary sections” to her computer, essentially turning him back into JARVIS. The author shared a couple of screenshots to support this theory, showing six pathways branching off the stone. Each path turns from orange to blue once they are up and safe, with all of them flashing blue one more time to show the upload was successful, right before Shuri closes the program.

As a “bonus theory”, the author suggests that each pathway represents one of Vision’s creators: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Ultron, Dr. Helen Chow, Jarvis, and Thor – if we’re being honest, though, this seems a bit of a stretch but it’s an interesting take. The author adds that each of these represents an aspect of Vision: Tony is resourcefulness, Bruce is compassion, Ultron is fear, Chow is intelligence, Jarvis is rationality, and Thor is strength.

If Shuri did save Vision’s consciousness, and given her expertise and Wakanda’s advanced technology, she could easily build a new (and improved) body for him that would allow him to join the fight against Thanos (and whatever threats might come in Avengers 4). There’s also the possibility that he could go back to his JARVIS days and assist the Avengers in a different way.

Now, if Shuri didn’t keep Vision’s consciousness, he will most likely come back like the rest: through some good ol’ time-traveling. That is, if that theory is correct.