Riverdale season 3, episode 4 live stream: Watch online

Riverdale will return with its fourth episode of season 3. A look at how to watch “Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club” online.

On Wednesday night, Riverdale will return for its fourth episode of season 3. It’s perhaps one of the show’s most anticipated episodes yet, even with two-plus seasons in the books, titled “Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club.”

This 40-minute drama will flash back to the 1990s, when the main cast’s parents were in high school. The catch is the parents are also played by the main cast, of course, looking like their future kids.

Teasers for “The Midnight Club” haven’t revealed much, but the parents will be in detention and likely up to shenanigans that shape the Riverdale they know today. That’s along with early developments of relationships, including FP Jones and Alice Cooper, and Sierra McCoy and Tom Keller.

Whatever results from this may change Riverdale forever and leave viewers with a different perception of the modern-day characters. What could happen?

The synopsis for this episode teases some present-day storylines, too, with the Gryphons and Gargoyles and Alice’s involvement.

When Betty confronts Alice about Gryphons and Gargoyles, she comes clean about playing the game in the early ’90s and how a shocking mystery has been plaguing all of the players since that time.

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Details on how to watch season 3, episode 4 of Riverdale online are below. This includes the start time, TV info, live stream and more:

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 31
Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Season: 3
Episode: 4 “Chapter Thirty-Nine: As Above, So Below”
TV info: The CW
Live stream:

“Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club” will air on The CW, with a stream of it available on Thursday, one day afterward.

This could be the show’s most interesting episode of season 3. What will viewers learn about the kids’ parents?