Star-Lord is getting the Old Man Logan Treatment in new series

It has been announced that Old Man Logan will be getting a sequel series next year that will feature Star-Lord titled Old Man Quill.

In the years since it was published in 2008, Old Man Logan by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven has joined the original Wolverine limited series and Weapon X by Barry Windsor-Smith as some of the best stories featuring the character. The storyline, which saw an older Logan emotionally broken in a future where the super-villains won, was dark, gritty and everything a Wolverine story needs to become an instant classic.

The character returned in 2015 thanks to the Secret Wars super-mega crossover event and was transplanted into the regular Marvel Universe. He joined the X-Men and stared in his own ongoing series which ran for 50 issues and ended just last month.

In addition to his own series, Old Man Logan has inspired and entire family of “Old Man” titles. Old Man Hawkeye is a 12-issue limited series that serves as a prequel to the original Old Man Logan storyline. Old Man Captain America has shown up in the pages of Hawkeye’s series and DC has even gotten in on the action with an Old Lady Harley miniseries starring Harley Quinn.

Now Marvel has announced an official Old Man Logan sequel will be arriving in 2019, but it will star probably the last character you thought it would.

As revealed at Lucca Comics 2018 and reported by Comic Book Resources, Old Man Quill will serve as a sequel and pick up several years after Old Man Logan No. 50. It will star Star-Lord (a.k.a Peter Quill) and will be written by Ethan Sacks, who also writes Old Man Hawkeye, with artwork by Robert Gill.

Image: Panini Comics Italia Facebook Image: Panini Comics Italia Facebook

Old Man Logan, the character that started it all, will be moving off to the side due to the return of the original younger Wolverine. He will be starring in the onimously titled Dead Man Logan 12-issue miniseries which launches this month.

CBR asked Sacks where the idea came from to bring the Guardians of the Galaxy into the world of Old Man Logan.

“Basically, I’ve fallen in love with this world. Sure, it’s a horrible place to live, but it’s a beautiful place to visit. And there were some characters and we were looking around and we sort of know that Captain America’s gone and that the X-Men are gone. But we were wondering what the Guardians of the Galaxy were doing… This kind of takes that world and expands it into a universe.”

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So will we be seeing more Old Man titles in coming months? Maybe Old Man Peter Parker? Old Man Deadpool? Old Woman Captain Marvel? Time will tell. Old Man Quill No. 1 arrives in comic stores and digitally Feb. 2019 and will include a variant covers by Andrea Sorrentino and Rod Reis.