Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank says he let Stan Lee down with 2015 reboot

Director of the Fantastic Four reboot, Josh Trank, had been apologetic of his adaptation of Stan Lee’s work.

Since the passing of comic book legend, Stan Lee, on Monday, Nov. 12, there have been a lot of tributes to Stan “The Man”, but what was unexpected was a response from director Josh Trank. Trank, most well known for directing Chronicle and infamously the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot stated he let the former chairman of Marvel Comics down.

Created by Lee and Jack Kirby in response to DC Comics (known at the time as National Periodical Publications) and the success of their most braggadocios title, which featured the Justice League of America, the Fantastic Four was born.

It saw the creation of Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, Thing and the Human Torch. They were the driving force that made Marvel the publisher and entertainment company it is today. Fantastic Four, despite its success in print, have not managed to break Hollywood quite yet. This group has a long history in film, dating back to 1986.

After the mixed reception of the Tim Story films, Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, with Constantin Film still maintaining the movie rights to the property, development of a reboot had been announced back in 2009 by 20th Century FOX.  After the hiring of producer Akiva Goldsman and scribe Michael Green did not amount to anything, Trank was hired in 2012. Jeremy Slater and Seth Grahame-Smith were hired as screenwriters, Matthew Vaughn came on board to produce and then Simon Kinberg checked in to also produce and overhaul the screenplay completely.

Fantastic Four, which starred Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara bombed at the box office and was a contributing factor to the merger between FOX and Disney. Trank posted this heartfelt tweet below:

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Despite the criticism of the reboot, Lee, who kept in touch with Trank before passing away was highly supportive of Jordan’s casting as the Human Torch and even joked that FAN4STIC was a disaster because there was no cameo of him in it. Trank distanced himself from the movie a day before release. FOX decided not to move forward with sequels and a crossover with Deadpool over a year after release.