Uncanny X-Men No. 1 review: The beginning of Disassembled

Did Multiple Man lose his mind or is something more wicked coming?

Writers: Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson

Artist: Mahmud Asrar

Cover art: Leinil Francis Yu and Edgar Delgado

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

The story starts with Jean Grey having a vision of Madrox frantically asking where Kitty Pryde is. Before Jean can ask anything, X-23 stabs him in the head. When Jean comes to, we see the X-Men taking on Multiple Man and a plethora of his duplicates (or dupes). Then, we realize that Jean is envisioning all of this. She wakes up, asking where Kitty Pryde is.

Kitty takes the kids on a mission to fight a guy with four arms called Forearm. Yes, his name is ridiculous, and Rockslide makes fun of him for that. Before Kitty can land, she looses control of her powers and phases through the plane. Her powers disrupt tech in the plane, and the young X-Men crash, having to fight Forearm and the rest of his team on their own until the rest of the varsity X-Men show up and take them out. The weird part is Madrox showed up and asked Anole where Kitty was. When Anole tells Madrox she vanished, Madrox looked scared and says, “Damn. Too Late. I’m too late” and runs away. This time it wasn’t a vision or a dream.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

While all of this is going on, Beast and Storm are in Africa in a place that rarely gets rain. Somehow, that desert ended up getting more rain in overnight than they did in over a decade. What’s even more alarming is that Storm has no control over the downpour, and she can’t shift the wind. If that wasn’t weird enough, Beast says that there was already fish and plant life in the lake that aren’t indigenous to that area growing in the lake that appeared within hours.

Later, the X-Men are at a protest where Senator Ashton Allen was giving a speech on how a “cure” for the mutant gene was available. Kitty was supposed to be there to give her thoughts, but she is still missing. Before Jean can go up in her place, Madrox takes the podium to give a speech. The last time Madrox gave a speech like this it was during Marvel’s first Civil War, and he told the government to go to Hell. Jamie is trying his best to deliver a speech about how mutants and humans are the same, but then says, “It’s time.” And, an army of dupes show up. The X-Men immediately attack them, but Madrox is screaming that he’s only trying to help.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Angel is in the sky floating saying, “Yes. I hear you” and then, “Yes. I understand” and flies away. Before Madrox can get to the senator, he vanishes! Then, Madrox vanishes saying, “Too late again.” leaving the media to assume the X-Men are responsible for the senator’s disappearance.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

But wait, here’s where things get even stranger. The senator wakes up in a room immobilized in a chair next to a powerless Kitty Pryde (who for some reason he blames for him being there even she is also immoble), and powerful En Sabah Nur a.k.a. Apocalypse!

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics
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X-Marks the spot

  • Who is powerful enough to keep Apocalypse crucified to an “X”? And, is this the same person who caused the rain down in Africa? (Yes, I made that joke)
  • What was Madrox trying to stop? And, how many times has he attempted this? He said, “Too late again” meaning he’s tried before.
  • And of all people, why is Madrox the one who’s in charge of saving everyone. He’s not exactly the best person when it comes to decision making.
  • Is this a case of Layla Miller knowing stuff? It wouldn’t be shocking if this is how she’s brought back.
  • What is going on with the young X-Men? Why are they still in training, considering everything that they’ve been through?