Exclusive preview of The Flash #59: Force Quest Part 2

Barry Allen returns to Gorilla City in The Flash #59 and discovers long lost secrets while a brand new threat appears. Things never slow down for the Flash!

Once upon a time Barry Allen went on a Force Quest to learn what he could about the new forces, and in The Flash #59 his journey brings him back to Gorilla City. The last time he was there it was a thriving city, but on his return he finds it in ruins. Unfortunately Barry doesn’t have a lot of time to find answers because a new threat has arrived.

In this exclusive preview of “Force Quest Part Two” Joshua Williamson ups the ante with a mystery in Gorilla City and a whole mess of trouble coming for the Flash.

Spoilers for The Flash #59

Upon finding Gorilla City in ruins, Flash immediately suspects that Grodd is the culprit. However, he soon finds out that Grodd was not behind the attack and that his good friend King Solovar was keeping secrets from him. Solovar had a great deal of knowledge about the Four Forces – Speed, Strength, Sage and Still – and the surviving Gorilla City scientists can help him learn more about them based on their research.

However, a disturbance in Corto Maltese with traces of the Strength Force requires Flash’s attention, so he leaves to investigate. What Flash doesn’t realize yet is that the Gemini are after him and they’ve tracked him to Gorilla City. And when Flash arrives in Corto Maltese he discovers a new threat that sends him reeling.

When our heroes go on journeys like these they tend to reveal things about themselves that are often hard to face. Though Flash is one of the fastest men on the planet, he tends to beat himself up because he can’t be everywhere at once. He could work at full speed all day and sometimes that wouldn’t be enough.

The trouble with his quest is that Flash blames himself for starting in the wrong order, that if he’d started with Gorilla City then maybe everyone would still be alive. And if he’d talked to Solovar first he might have found all the answers he seeks. It’s a dangerous game of “coulda, woulda, shoulda” that never ends well for superheroes with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Williamson masterfully balances a lot of action in this one issue, but even with all of the action he does a fantastic job capturing Barry’s frustration at choices made. With so many stories coming together in “Force Quest Part Two” there’s no question that The Flash #60 is going to be HUGE.

The Flash #59 variant cover. Photo: DC Comics The Flash #59. Photo: DC Comics The Flash #59. Photo: DC Comics The Flash #59. Photo: DC Comics The Flash #59. Photo: DC Comics The Flash #59. Photo: DC Comics

Script: Joshua Williamson

Pencils: Rafa Sandoval

Inks: Jordi Tarragona and Scott Hanna

Colors: Tomeu Morey

Letters: Steve Wands

The Flash #59 comes out on November 28, 2019.