Elseworlds is over, but what is the next Arrowverse crossover?

Elseworlds concluded its three-part event on Tuesday. However, one year in advance, the CW already announced the next Arrowverse crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

“Elseworlds”the Arrowverse crossover that brought Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl together, ended on Tuesday, with one final attempt at reverting reality to normal. The heroes from each show took down Dr. John Deegan and stopped the Monitor’s plans for everyone’s destiny.

Well, the story doesn’t seem to be over, but won’t pick up until the fall of 2019. That’s as a graphic for “Crisis on Infinite Earths” flashed on the screen to close the 2018 crossover.

What does this mean? Elseworlds may have set up “Crisis on Infinite Earths” over the past three nights, as the Monitor teased a force more powerful than him arriving. That’s potentially the Anti-Monitor, who was the focus of this grand event in the comic books.

However, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” also signaled one thing: the death of Barry Allen. He perished in an attempt to thwart the Anti-Monitor’s plans, destroying his antimatter cannon. In the process, Barry sped through time, aging rapidly, and died.

That’s, of course, from the comics. It doesn’t mean the CW will replicate this. Though Barry’s death has been teased on The Flash since season 1, when the infamous newspaper headline, “Flash Vanishes in Crisis” appeared on a 2024 newspaper.

Next fall will be 2024, so it’s quite earlier than expected. Does that mean the Arrowverse will have a time jump? Will “Crisis on Infinite Earths” take the titular heroes into the future?

The Flash showrunner Todd Helbing told ComicBook.com, in regard to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” paying off various teases, “Yeah. But that’s all I can say.” Helbing also praised Greg Berlanti’s planning and the excitement for “how it’s going to pay off.”

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There are 12 months to speculate on what the CW will do for “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” It’s a landmark storyline in DC, and it should be fascinating to see how it plays out on TV.