Exclusive Preview of Flash #60: New friend, new foe

In The Flash #60, Barry Allen discovers that all is not what it seems in Corto Maltese as he makes a new friend while facing a dangerous new foe.

Appearances can be deceiving and in this exclusive preview of The Flash #60 Barry Allen comes face to face with Fuerza only to learn that she’s not the threat to Corto Maltese he thought she was.

This the third installment of writer Joshua Williamson’s “Force Quest” arc that features Barry and Iris searching for clues about the new forces and how they work. Their time in Gorilla City was interrupted by a disturbance using the Strength Force in Corto Maltese, and at the end of The Flash #59 Barry arrived in time to see the mysterious Fuerza facing off against local police.

Now, in The Flash #60 things are not what they seem. Fuerza is actually trying to protect the city from corrupt police forces. Iris realizes that they’ve arrived in the middle of something much bigger than they could have imagined, and now Flash must work together with Fuerza to combat the evil Cauldron.

Meanwhile, the Gemini are quietly making their way through Africa. They know exactly where the Flash is, and while he’s distracted by larger problems they can work to lay the perfect trap for him.

The latest installment of the “Force Quest” story reveals new secrets about how the Strength Force works. Given the power it yields, there’s no question Barry is lucky that they’re on the same team. Unfortunately, Fuerza isn’t the only person in Corto Maltese to have access to the Forces and that means more problems for the Flash.

Williamson once again pens a thrilling tale that never lets up on the action. The twists and turns that move the story along reveal that Barry’s journey won’t be an easy one. It looks like no matter what happens, any time the new Forces are involved things are going to be complicated, which is never a good thing for the Flash.

Photo: DC Comics




Photo: DC Comics Photo: DC Comics Photo: DC Comics Photo: DC Comics Photo: DC Comics Photo: DC Comics

Script: Joshua Williamson

Pencils: Rafa Sandoval

Inks: Jordi Tarragona

Colors: Tomeu Morey and Hi-Fi

Letters: Steve Wands

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The Flash #60 arrives in comic shops on December 12, 2018.