Superman and Lois Lane: Elizabeth Tulloch on a potential CW series

Superman and Lois Lane both play a part in the CW’s crossover event, Elseworlds. Is there a possibility they work together in a television series?

The Arrowverse’s latest crossover event, Elseworlds, welcomed Superman into the fold, a character that sporadically appeared on Supergirl. However, the CW introduced its version of Lois Lane, played by Tulloch, in the first part of this three-night spectacle.

The CW has shown little hesitancy with green-lightning superhero shows. Built off Arrow in 2012, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning all joined the network, while Supergirl was acquired after CBS canceled it in 2016. There’s even Riverdale, which plays off the popular Archie Comics.

In an interview with TVLine, Tulloch was asked if it feels like a foundation for a potential Superman and Lois Lane series has been laid, allowing them to join the other DC programs. She seemed hopeful of working again with Tyler Hoechlin but unsure if they would receive their own show:

Potentially, and it was something I sort of talked to one of the producers about. I think it’ll depend on how this is reviewed and a bunch of other external factors that nobody has really that much control over. I know Tyler and I would love to come back and work more together. We fortunately had great chemistry, which is not always a given.

That should provide hope. if only minor, for those wanting Superman and Lois Lane to work together on the small screen, but hardly anything concrete. Plus, the CW has a full schedule of superhero shows already, unless they find space on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.

If the CW cancels one of these programs (i.g. Legends of Tomorrow, which won’t air the rest of season 4 until April), maybe that clears space for this all-time duo.

It would not be the first time Superman and Lois Lane grace television. Both characters were portrayed in Smallville, a show that displayed classic DC characters at a younger age. Elseworlds made a handful of references to Smallville in “Elseworlds, Part 1” and one of the teaser scenes (its version of the Green Arrow appears).

For now, Superman and Lois Lane receiving a series seems like speculation. If it develops, it would be the latest formidable addition to the Arrowverse.