Comic book movie box office totals from 2018, ranked

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5. Venom

Marvel is busy using Spider-Man now, to much fans’ desire. Sony on the other hand goes and decides to bring his villain, the anti-hero Venom to the big screen. We’ve had Venom before in Spider-Man 3 and the less said, the better perhaps. Venom certainly helps change that. The domestic total of Venom already outdoes that of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was a huge disappointment for Sony. In fact, on a worldwide basis, Venom defeats most of the Spider-Man film catalog.

Venom managed to set a new opening weekend record for the month of October in 2018. Domestically, the film grossed over $213 million. On the international stage, Venom brought in $641.9 million. By the end, the worldwide total is over $855 million. No doubt, with its $100 million budget, this domestic gross is albeit modest if not weak. Luckily its huge worldwide gain easily makes up for this.