Marvel Comics characters to watch out for in 2019

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Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is another fairly new character making her debut in her own series, Alias, in 2001. Since then, she’s become a hero that everyone has grown to love. She curses like a sailor, doesn’t allow herself to be disrespected by anyone, and is willing to throw down with anyone to defend her family. While she’s been an Avenger, Jessica feels more comfortable when she’s on her own and being a private investigator. This gives her more time to be a mother to her daughter and a wife to Luke Cage.

Jessica Jones’ self-titled Netflix series will return at some point during this year. When shows are on their way out, the comic characters tend to have something major happening in their series. That’s not the best part.

Writer Kelly Thompson’s run of Jessica Jones (which will also arrive later this year) has been superb. She’s combined Jessica living the life of a person with superpowers perfectly with her life as a detective. One of my favorite parts is the addition to her deducting things when she runs across a person. Also, after the way her last arc ended, expect for things to get crazy in Jessica’s personal life.