Marvel Comics characters to watch out for in 2019

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Jason Aaron has been writing Thor for the past five years. His take on Thor started with Gorr the Butcher of gods, continued with Thor being unworthy of his hammer Mjölnir in Original Sin, and Jane Foster taking over as Thor.

Now, Thor is running around trying to save the world from Malekith the Accursed. Thor has been using different hammers made by a dwarf named Screwbeard (Son of No-Ears, Son of Headwound). He’s yet to find a hammer to keep (because he keeps breaking them). This series has also bounced around from Thor in the present, past, and the very distant future.

This year, we are going to see the War of Realms. A crossover that will have all of your favorite characters like the Avengers, Punisher, Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Wolverine. Jason Aaron said

"“I have been building towards WAR OF THE REALMS for the entire duration of my THOR run. So we’re talking six years and 80-something issues and counting. He went on to say, “This is a war that covers the entire globe and involves the biggest heroes of the Marvel Universe…”"

There’s no way an event this big won’t have a major effect on Thor’s life. This could be the series where Thor get his final hammer or, more importantly, when he finally becomes worthy again. Thor has been searching for his worthiness for a while. So much that he’s barely slept or ate. Don’t be shocked if Jane Foster uses a hammer one more time or dies during this even.