The Punisher season 2 trailer breakdown and why there’ll be a season 3

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Image Source: Comixology

“Let me be what I’m meant to be” – Frank Castle

A standout moment in the trailer was Frank Castle saying, “Let me be what I’m meant to be.” It’s easy to guess he’s referring to his life as a vigilante named The Punisher.

There was no way Frank was going to be a peaceful man for the rest of his life. Even after getting his revenge, there is still a seemingly unlimited amount of violent criminals to punish and he wasn’t going to sit back and watch them destroy the lives of innocent people. While this was obvious, the comic books hint a more supernatural reason for Frank’s need for war.

In the Marvel Max series Born, they follow Frank Castle and one of his subordinates on their last tour in the Vietnam War. During this time, an unknown entity was talking to Frank in his mind to try and give him the endless war it knew Frank always wanted.

It wasn’t until Frank was outnumbered and almost certainly about to be killed did he finally give in and say yes. The deity told him there would be a price and that price was his family. Doubtful this series will go this deep into this story, it is something they could hint to in this season and in the future.